Yoga & Sound Journey

Bloom Wellness, 2450 W Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Join us for this special event that connects body, movement, sound and energy into one practice. We will gently awaken to the power within by mindfully moving through a hatha flow while we are immersed in the sounds of ancient instruments.

Sound and movement is life. As sounds vibrates, it moves energy, emotions and the spirit. The grounding effects of movement liberate the mind from attachment and allow us to be in the present moment where everything is possible.

People describe sound baths as a feeling of being fully submerged in sound. Imagine sound waves created by Tibetan singing bowls washing you in waves of water. Sound bathed people use words like “cleansing” and “clearing” to describe their experience.

Reservations required. For tickets, call Bloom Wellness: (734) 436-8492

Join us - you'll love it!